Diy Concrete Mantel Shelf

This will be for the top and bottom of the mantel. Build curio shelf mov youtube build curio shelf mov youtube 16.

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Next, measure how tall you want your mantel to sit.

Diy concrete mantel shelf. I built this easy floating mantel for above my new fireplace and you can use this tutorial to make any type of shelf with no brackets or hardware. Returns are necessary for the mantel shelf to hide the open ends of the channel. Here are a few to consider:

Should i be using a sheldge hammer and chizel or circular saw? I built and installed this mantel for about $100! Measure the width of the fireplace to locate and mark the center point.

This is a project that i have had planned since we were building our To build the bookshelves on either end, jason used (4) 1′ x 3/4” x 8′ melamine boards that had predrilled bookshelf holes. There are plenty of affordable diy projects you can do in a weekend to add beauty to your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

I am looking for a little direction on how to remove concrete shelf on my fireplace. It’s a moderately challenging design that requires care and precision but looks great with almost any interior theme. If you’d like to try to build your own wood mantel, be sure to adjust the measurements for your space.

It is made to look like a heavy beam, but is a hollow design and very light. Most often associated with party decor, string lighting hung above back patios and decks can be used to create. Not sure if the is rebar or what not inside.

Layout and cut outside corner #2 as you did #1. Cut two pieces of 1×4 to the depth of your fireplace. Pull your tape from the long point of the outside corner you just cut and mark the other end.

I think the shelf board was a 1×7 board. The concrete shelf is about 1' off the ground (floating) the fireplace is brick. Design your new fire surround as a box section to fit over the old concrete and fix either to the wall or into the old concrete then glue a mantel shelf to the top or screw down if you prefer.

This plan from tv institution and home improvement brand this old house teaches you how to build a classic mantel surround out of stock lumber. So the first thing i did was add some 2×3 blocks of wood to both of the sides of the main shelf board (so screw them onto the back of the board that will be facing out towards the room), and i screwed them in with an allowance for where the sides would be flush. I love a good mantel.

The whole shelf is 6 feet long. Cut two square dowels to the depth of your fireplace. For this diy fireplace makeover, jason made custom bookshelves to fit on either end of the fireplace mantel.

Mantles are usually 60 off the floor (diy network). Best mantel shelf ideas pinterest mantle best mantel shelf ideas pinterest mantle 15. Tyual build fireplace mantel shelf over brick tyual build fireplace mantel shelf over brick

Here is the supplies i used. Now it’s time to cut your pieces. There is no stronger way to hang a shelf, and one of the best things about using this system is that no screw holes, no plugs, etc can be seen.

We knew this would give the unit a finished look. The items you need to cut will depend on if you’re building a shelf only or a shelf and surround. (2) pieces of lumber @ 1″ x 8″ x ___ the width of your existing mantel.

I have purchased tile 3×2' to install over the brick for a modern look. Build fireplace mantel shelf plans woodworking build fireplace mantel shelf plans woodworking 14. Transformative home renovations don’t need to be complicated, nor do they need to cost an arm and a leg.

It also integrates a walnut entertainment center at the right with a recess for a tv screen. I have been dying to share this tutorial with you all! (1) piece of lumber @ 1″ x 8″ x___ the width of your existing mantel plus 2 inches.

Mantels come in so many shapes and sizes to fit any style or space. Then you can add mouldings and paint or varnish. Our mantels hang using the classic french cleat hanging system.

Ambrosia maple wood has oblong and gray hued bores running.

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