How To Make A Plank Countertop

Once the top was put together it was time to attach the trim. Basically you put the wood in, set the height adjustment, and drill your holes.

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For the back of the counter we cut a 2 by 4 to 31 inches.

How to make a plank countertop. 24 inch cabinets and a 1 inch overhang. The front edge pieces will need to be ripped to 1 1/2″ wide planks. If we owned a planer, this would've been perfect time to use it, but sadly we do not.

Sand with rough and then smooth sand paper Start by making the first plank flush with the edge of the plywood, that way you can add the front piece later and make the countertop look like a solid hunk of wood. You’ll need enough planks for the whole first row plus a front edge.

Wide plank hardwood tops are great picks for general food prep (as opposed to more extensive chopping, which is best suited for butcher block countertops). Then we sat the new countertop in place, and adjusted it until the back and side were positioned flush with the walls. For as long as we’ve owned this house, i’ve been lamenting the weird, dead corner space to the left of the stove.

To assemble the top, we placed the boards on a flat surface and used wood glue in between each plank and pressed them together, holding them together with clamps for about 30 minutes, to allow the glue sometime to set. Put on at least two coats. With a hard maple wide plank countertop, you can spend many years with a sturdiness and durability you can count on.

I had the cutting center cut 2 pieces that are 31 inches wide. 5 inches times 5 boards comes out to 25 inch depth for the countertop. These may be inexpensive, but they definitely don't look it!

Interesting way to make a wooden countertop. Our wood plank covered board simply rests on top of the washer and dryer. Attach the homemade countertop to the cabinetry with finish nails.

This method results in a stunningly smooth, elegant surface, with only subtle grain variations. When you are updating your kitchen on a budget, budget countertops are one of the biggest ways to keep costs down. The easiest way is to take some wooden planks, measure them, cut, send and arrange in a countertop.

Cut your wood so that the plank width equals the desired depth of the top. Once you have all your boards cut to size you can sand the corners and edges like we did to add that worn plank look. You've got to see these diy countertop ideas, including concrete, wood, faux granite, and more.

Instead, justin sanded each board and then using a metal straight edge and a circular saw, cut each side so it would sit tight against the board next to it. Rip enough of your wood floor planks at 45* angles on a table saw. What’s awesome with both dye and stain is that you can play with the proportions, and add more mineral spirits in the case of oil based stain, or more water to your dye solution.

So a total of 3 pieces of wood had to be glued together….to form one large counter. Making the actual countertop is simple, you just install the wood the same way you would on the floor. Make sure to space them at regular intervals, approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch (0.3 to 0.6cm) from the edge of the counter.

(all boards are like this, 2 x 4’s are actually 1.5 x 3.5, etc) so, when we cut them down by 1/4 inch on each side, that equaled 1/2 inch per board, which brought it down to 5 inches per board. Our products are easy to maintain and we want to make sure that you are equipped with all of the information you need to keep your purchase from us looking beautiful both today and in the future. The one shown here is from woodcraft.

These small nails are usually applied with a hammer, but a nail gun can be used for larger projects. Bevel the first row of wood planks. In addition, we coat all of our products with a proprietary blend mineral oil and organic beeswax finish to both protect the wood and make it ready for food preparation tasks.

I forgot that the bond is much stronger if you drill two holes instead of one at each screw placement, so i did that for the second countertop (which i stupidly did not photograph). (this is optional) make sure not to sand the front corners and edge of that front board since you will be attaching the trim to the front and you want it to be as flush as possible! Now take cherry dye and stain, and then do some tests on it, which is always a good idea.

We sanded, cut and began installing the reclaimed wood. The total size of our counter is 31 by 25.

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